Piscess compatibility with other signs

Signs Compatible with Pisces. Cancer is your ultimate dreamboat. They can understand you like no other sign. Their strength will take you to new heights and help you accomplish your inner-most dreams. Your tendency to be withdrawn can completely be expelled once you've fallen in love with a Cancer. When in a relationship with a Cancer, you will find yourself knowing exactly what your partner is feeling. It's a psychic connection unlike anything you have experienced. This link builds a strong, lasting bond that connects your emotional aspects of your souls together.

Use your Pisces Love Horoscope to balance your emotions and make the connection one of the strongest in the universe. The Pisces Personality and Scorpio will add a necessary balance to the Pisces tendency to procrastinate. Scorpios are detail oriented and as a result can help a Pisces to realize their dreams and put them into motion rather than stay locked in their head as a mere daydream or wish.

Scorpios natural "pedal to the metal" approach doesn't give a Pisces much time to second guess or feel guilty. It also pushes the Pisces to blossom and shed any introvert ideas. The Scorpio will need all your love and patience you can muster as they go through their highs and lows, leaving a Pisces with the much desired sense of being needed.

Capricorn is the third in line to be considered for companionship. Capricorn's passion felt for life compliments Pisces' love of loving things. Not only is a Capricorn passionate about life, but are hard-working and ambitious. This can be the very drive a Pisces needs to put their daydreams into reality. Capricorns tend to be realistic, which will help Pisces to decipher unrealistic dreams from realistic ones. Pisces ability to dream will help draw a Capricorn out of their cautious shells, too.

It's a balance that is perfectly ripe for success. Both Pisces and Leo are artsy-craftsy type people. Since this is a passion both share, it gives them a strong common ground to build a relationship from. Add the fact that both are also romantic people and you have the mixing for a solid, yet fun, relationship. Your Pisces Love Horoscope will help you turn a good day into a great one! Aries is always seeking the next great challenge. They pride themselves on accomplishments.

Being the highly motivated people they are, they can help poth the Pisces Personality out of their passive ways. With Pisces and Aries together, Pisces can see their dreams come to reality. Just don't let the temper tantrums of Aries bring you down. Pisces and Libra are both romantics at heart. Another compliment to the relationship is that Libra is aggressive enough to help Pisces bring dreams to reality, much like Aries.

However, Libras can be manipulative.

Pisces Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

As long as Pisces makes sure their dreams coming to fruit benefit themselves, not just Libra, all should be well. Pisces are die-hard romantic daydreamers. Put two Pisces together and you wind up with loads of romance and a ton of dreams. Just don't expect to get much done since they're also procrastinators.

Leo & Pisces: Love Compatibility

Pisces is also prone to complaining, so consider this when deciding to date a fellow Pisces. Aquarius' intuition is a good pairing for Pisces personality and psychic abilities. However, Pisces is open to much more new ideas, while Aquarius is much more logical and inhibited. These traits are polar opposites in a relationship.

If opposites attracting is your thing, then go for it. You will probably find more tension than you both is comfortable with between these two signs. Top Ranked Pisces Compatibility Relationships. If you've been cruel, simply say "I'm sorry" and offer a long hug. The power of touch can heal anything between you, too. Your signs are very different, but you can eventually gel into a lasting relationship.

Pisces is a flowy, sensitive Water sign who needs a decisive mate. Confident Leo, a Fire sign, is a natural leader, eager to rule the relationship. Because Pisces takes longer to articulate his needs, Leo could mistakenly assume he's got the upper hand, and that Pisces is content to follow. Not so fast.

In your own ways, you both wear your hearts on your sleeve, but you need to tune into each other's sensitive spots. You're incredibly romantic, and the tender passion between you is great in the beginning. However, you may hit a dry spell when it's time to get truly intimate.

Secretive Pisces feels so vulnerable when his soul is exposed, and may lash out at Leo in an unconscious reaction to the Lion's strength—for example, criticizing Leo's appearance, weight or intelligence. These cruel barbs are actually just a projection of Pisces' own self-doubt, but they plunge a thorn in the Lion's paw no less. Pisces must work through the tedious knots of his insecurities, which lay deep in his psyche.

Leo is a powerhouse who can run the show with his eyes closed, but he'll do best to step aside and give the Fish his chance to shine. Shy Pisces is a true creative force, but his brilliant imagination and keen intuition can be eclipsed by showy Leo. Work through this. Luxury is a weakness for your signs, and you love to indulge. You may need to take courses on money management together, or team up to make a fortune so you never have to worry about it.

Virgo and Pisces are two of the most powerful healers in the zodiac. Virgo is an Earth sign, clinical and data-driven, always there with a practical answer and a helping hand.

Pisces: What does love have in store this year?

Water-sign Pisces has emotional compassion, the ability to empathize and absorb other people's pain. You're opposite signs: Virgo is the doctor; Pisces is the nurse. You can teach each other a lot, doing much good on the planet along the way. Virgo is the zodiac's giver, performing acts of selfless service Mother Theresa is a Virgo.

Summary of Pisces compatibility

However, it's hard for Virgo to receive, since he views "neediness" as a weakness in himself. Enter Pisces, ruler of the zodiac's receptive twelfth house. The Fish knows how to surrender boundaries and allow people's energy to flow in. Pisces teaches Virgo that accepting love is a generous and selfless act. It opens the door for others to be their greatest selves, to discover their power through contributing. At times, Pisces' emotional nature can overwhelm Virgo, leaving him ungrounded. You both need doses of solitude to reconnect with your souls.

Writing, playing music especially classical compositions or Gregorian chants , painting and creativity is healing to you both. This relationship also brings out your spiritual sides. Meditation, yoga and metaphysical study can open up great psychic channels. These practices also prevent unhealthy addictions, which your easily-stressed signs may adopt as a means of self-medicating.

Watch out for secretive tendencies, which you both have as a result of perfectionism and insecurity. Communicate openly, or air your "shameful" skeletons to a confidante—otherwise, you'll beat yourselves up unnecessarily, causing distance in the relationship.

Drifting into a dappled dreamscape of your own imagination, your poetic souls entwine against astrological odds. Libra is an Air sign and Pisces is a Water sign; together you can stir a gentle sea breeze or drown in your own sexual tsunami. But oh, the romance is worth it. Like any good bodice-ripper, there's passion, intrigue and mystique to spice up this storyline. You can get lost for days in a decadent meal, a gorgeous sonata, each other's luminous eyes.

While the cynics gag, they secretly envy your enchanted, oxytocin-addled bliss. Living in a fantasy is fun for your signs, and gratification eclipses all boundaries and structures. Another Sancerre, an hour less sleep—it can all be justified in the name of pleasure. It's when reality steps in that things get hairy. After waking past noon in your umpteenth limb-and-linen tangle, you remember that pesky paycheck, your stuffed Inbox, the unopened mail. Hung over and wholly unequipped to deal with the overwhelm, you lash out at each other. Without outside contact and obligations to anchor you, you can both descend into bouts of moodiness, indulgence and even depression.

Balance—the Libra catchphrase—must be practiced early on. You're both "spiritual beings having a human experience," Finding an equally sensitive, divinely connected soulmate feels like coming home. Scorpio and Pisces are compatible artistes who love music, drama and romance. Like a lighthouse for two ships adrift on the emotional high seas, your relationship is an anchor and a haven.

However, it's not immune to the turbulence caused by your secretive, Water sign natures. Emotional withdrawal is a self-protective act you've both honed over the years, but this tactic backfires when used against each other. The trick is learning to catch a bad mood when it starts, then processing the feelings instead of lashing out. Once the righteous anger and wounded egos kick in, you're like two runaway trains waging a war of domination and submission. Scorpio control tussles with Pisces guilt, Scorpio withholding wrestles Pisces evasion, and so on.

Yet, you both want the same thing: a partner who inspires absolute, unshakeable trust with a money-back guarantee. What you need to learn is how to give it before you get it. To adapt the saying, be the change you want to see in your partner. It will keep you together for lifetimes. What happens when the most sensitive, tender-hearted sign Pisces links up with the most insensitive, tactless sign Sagittarius? Disaster, unless you handle each other with extreme care. Romantic Pisces is a Water sign who craves deep emotional bonding, while independent Sag is a Fire sign who feels smothered by too much of the touchy-feelies.

You'll need to balance your most distinctive traits and parcel them out in measured doses. Your communication styles don't work together naturally either.

Pisces compatibility table

Sagittarius is honest to a fault, dishing the unvarnished truth and heavy-handed advice usually unsolicited , then whistling while Pisces weeps. Indirect Pisces would rather flee to Katmandu than face conflict, but standing up to Sagittarius requires it. Pisces is prone to passive-aggressive tactics; yet, subtle cues and hints will sail right over Sag's head, while the Archer's arrow of truth spears the Fish's heart.

What do you have in common? You're both skittish about commitment—namely, the terrifying idea of being "trapped. Still, life is always tinged with magic when you're together, and the bedroom remains an enchanting space of divine communion for you. On the surface, you might seem like an odd match—imagine a Harvard MBA in Armani dating a paint-splattered artist in Oshkosh. Yet, your signs pair well, even if you don't want to admit it.

With classic good looks and a dutiful nature, Capricorn fits neatly into the system. Pisces is a flowy Fish who excels at playing the the artsy rebel, the indie darling, the adorable mess. By comparison, Capricorn seems structured and regimented—but appearances deceive. While Pisces may delight in coloring outside the neat lines Capricorn draws, the real surprise is that Capricorn is the bigger freak behind closed doors. Capricorn has a dominant, even cruel streak that can play out in the bedroom not that submissive Pisces doth protest.

Leather, whips and kinky fun—it's all fair game. You both love to find lesser-known wine, music, and art, a pride yourself on having cultivated tastes. Together, you can traverse the tony uptown spaces to the lowbrow dives, discovering cultural jewels wherever you go.

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Your diverse strengths could make you great business partners, too. Open a gallery, with Pisces as curator and Capricorn as financial backer. Old and new come together in an interesting combination. Pisces is an ancient velvet boudoir with dripping candles and fainting couches; Aquarius is a modern, steel-and-glass construction heated by solar panel. Yet, this strange match can work if it's built around a shared cause or passion. You're both die-hard humanitarians, and if you share a common vision, you'll stay together for life. Pisces is a Water sign, more emotional and complex in nature than Aquarius.

Contrary to myth, Aquarius is an Air sign not Water , though it's symbolized by the water-bearer holding an urn. The lighter Aquarian touch lifts Pisces out of the murky, depressive swamp, while enchanting Pisces adds tassels and trim to Aquarius' cold, clinical reality. You both morbidly fear being trapped in a boring, conventional commitment.